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Flowless system provides a one-stop-shop for comprehensive water resources management, from initial network analysis, to smart monitoring devices, to automated analytics through artificial intelligence.

Supporting utility companies through efficient water management solutions

Flowless system is tailored to the needs of utility companies, with high flexibility and adaptability to fit all contexts. With proven accuracy and robust performance, the system provides all the tools needed for efficient water resource management through process optimization and automated faults detection.

Flowless smart devices collect real-time data on water flow, quality and other parameters from the field. Data is transferred and stored on the cloud, then analyzed automatically through our artificial intelligence algorithm. Results are visualized through Flowless web platform, with automated reporting, real-time alerts, accurate leak detection, water balance and water accounting.

Flowless Smart Devices

Collecting real-time data on water flow, quality, and more!

Web Platform

Using artificial intelligence for automated, accurate analytics

Networks Analysis

Using artificial intelligence for automated, accurate analytics

Innovative integrated water resources management approach

Flowless adopts a unique participatory approach influenced by social innovation and driven by impact. Characterized by high flexibility and agility, our approach is based on working hand-in-hand with utilities from the early stages of studying the network and specifying the needed intervention, throughout the installation and system deployment processes, and up until data is analyzed and visualized on Flowless web platform.

Our journey does not end there! we maintain a long-term relationship with partners and clients, providing continuous support and follow-up to ensure proper operation and active engagement.

Wondering why Flowless offerings are unique?

The use of cutting-edge technologies, guided by the principles of sustainable development and adaptive management, and deployed through a data-driven agile approach are some of the values that make Flowless offerings stand out from the crowd. We genuinely work towards sustainable impact through a participatory approach where no body is left behind! We believe that even the poorest communities and most underdeveloped infrastructure should be included in the digitalization race, not only the developed and well-planned urban centers.

System Flexibility

Customized offerings to fit each and every context, with adaptive deployment. With high interoperability, Flowless system could be integrated with wide range of systems and build upon them with its unique features.

AI-Assisted Analysis

Enhancing leak detection, faults prediction and operations optimization through smart artificial intelligence algorithms specially designed for water monitoring application. Accurate results and seamless operations.

Automatic Reporting

Fully automated instant reporting through Flowless platform, providing water balance reports, consumption tracking & real-time alerts. Reports are generated on daily & monthly basis for detailed tracking & wider scope reports

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Flowless smart solutions

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