The next generation of water management solutions

Flowless provides smart solutions to help utility companies enhance water supply efficiency, utilizing emerging technologies for automated faults detection & process optimization.

Water stress is a global challenge

Utility companies struggle to increase water supply efficiency

challenged by high water stress, under-developed infrastructure, inefficient management

Flowless technologies has a lot to offer to help utilities automate operations and optimize processes

Explore Flowless cutting-edge technologies for SMART resources management

Network Analysis

Identifying faults & potential enhancements

Smart IoT Devices

Collecting real-time data on water flow, quality, and more!

Web Platform

Using artificial intelligence for automated, accurate analytics

Flexible & adaptable solutions, specially customized to fit your needs

Choose and pick the right components that fit your context, then select the features you need to take your network’s management through the next big leap

Unleash the full potential of your water system

Optimized Operation

Process automation for efficient operation of pumps & Valves

Automated Faults Detection

Accurately detecting leaks and health hazards with real-time alerts

Regular Reporting

Water auditing, operational status, and leak reports on regular basis

Contributing to Resources Sustainability

We help utility companies achieve efficient water supply and distribution, reserving water resources while cutting costs

For us, achieving impact is top priority. Working towards more sustainable practices is a must, so we continuously align our activities for a more sustainable future. Guided by the principles of sustainable development and adaptive management, we’re leading the positive change in water sector. For sustainable water and resilient communities.

Success Projects

Transboundary Wastewater Monitoring

West Bank

Non-Revenue Water Management

Tubas, Palestine

Comprehensive Water Network Monitoring

Salfit, Palestine

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Sustainable Water
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